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04 April 2013 @ 03:46 pm
George Osborne: Supervillain  
The clue was in the name, really. Today, however, proved it. Just a day after Mick Philpott was jailed (along with his wife and a friend) for the horrific murder of his six children in a house-fire, the Chancellor is already using him to justify cutting benefits to the poorest in society.

He is using the murder of children to score political points on an unpopular policy and further demonise poor people. He is evil. That's the only word for him. He asks if we should "subsidise lifestyles like that".Unless he's just unaware that Physiognomy is no longer accepted science (because it is baseless bullshit), then he can only be referring to the poor in general. He is generalising from a sample of THREE PEOPLE to attack FIVE MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE (even excluding pensioners), so he can fund a tax cut for himself and his rich friends. Never mind Philpott, I don't want to be subsiding the lifestyles of scum like Osborne. At least Philpott is being punished for his wrongdoing.

In short, George Osborne can go fuck himself.