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15 April 2010 @ 08:30 pm
British Election 2010: First Debate Liveblog  
First debate is just about to start on ITV1. Subject set to be domestic affairs. Let's see how it goes.

20:33 - Alistair Stewart is hosting.

20:34 - Nick Clegg gets the first opening statement. Focusing on a Lib Dem victory is possible.

20:35 - Gordon Brown on now. Nothing of note, really.

20:36 - Cameron starts out by apologising for the Expenses Scandal. Interesting approach. Still banging on about a "jobs tax". It's called National Insurance, bawbag.

20:38 - First question is about immigration. Brown is very proud of how many people he's kept out. Cameron wants to reduce immigration. Err, won't the current state of the economy do jus that? Clegg wants to include regional controls on where immigrants can go.

20:42 - Cameron and Brown discuss setting an immigration cap. Cameron wants one, Brown doesnt' Gordon is also - hilariously - claiming that the fall in immigration is due to his immigration policies. Clegg is making the most sense.

20:44 - Brown talks into Cameron's time. Dave won't be happy about that.

20:46 - Are we getting more than one question tonight?

20:47 - Oh thank God. We're now onto crime. Stewart points out that this is a devolved issue in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

20:48 - Cameron wants the Castle Doctrine in England. Fuck. That. Noise.

20:49 - Clegg wants to spend the money currently aside for the ID Card scheme to spend on more police, and to work more with young offenders to prevent recidivism.  Look! Funded policies!

20:51 - And on the stupid train, Brown wants to give people the right to sue the police to force them to do specific things. No way THAT could be abused of course.

20:52 - Cameron actually suggests treating, rather than jailing, drug addicts. Wonders will never cease.

20:57 - Stewart is losing control of the debate. And Cameron isn't helping his image with "My mother was a magistrate".

21:00 - ITV website suggests Clegg is the most popular so far.

21:01 - Cutting the size of the Commons make politicians more credible, according to Call Me Dave.

21:02 - Clegg wants recall elections. I can't support that.

21:03 - Brown says he agrees with Clegg. Clegg's face is incredulous.
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