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26 March 2013 @ 10:59 am
British News Round-Up: 26th March  
So, what's going on in Britain today?

First off, David Cameron follows the lead of Labour and the Lib Dems in engaging in some pointless immigrant bashing. "They're coming here to steal our precious bodily fluids benefits! Pay no attention to our own statistics!"

Yes, despite official figures showing working-age immigrants are more likely to be in work than people born here, Dave's latest plan is to make it harder for immigrants to claim benefits and get treatment on the NHS. The NHS changes alone could save £20m! Minus the extra costs of implementing and enforcing the new policy. From a budget of £108.8 billion. Yep, that's a big deal worth annoucing in a major speech there...

Look, I get that the Tories are scared of UKIP (why Labour and the Liberals are also jumping on the bandwagon I do NOT get), but playing into their hands isn't going to help you. You tell people that immigrants are TEH DEBBIL~!, then they aren't going to be too impressed with some minor tinkering with the benefit system, especially when that nice UKIP chap says we can stop them coming over here all together. If you want to know how to really deal with Nigel Farage, I suggest taking tips from Guy Verhofstadt MEP:

Also in the news:

- Train franchising is to start again, with special emphasis on selling off the East Coast line before too many people notice that the publicly owned service is doing far better than any of the private companies

- An offshore windfarm off the Aberdeenshire coast has received planning permission, despire objections from Donald Trump, and repeated public tantrums from the stupid-haired twat. Good. FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP. Ahem.

- The UK's Helicopter Search and Rescue service has been privatised. Apparently the RAF and Royal Navy aren't good enough. Why do you hate the troops, Cameron? (Sorry,forgot this isn't America for a second there).

And for anyone wondering, my big post on independence is still coming. I've started pulling togeter sources, and I'm planning to write it at the weekend.