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27 March 2013 @ 10:55 am
Donald Trump Doesn't Really "Get" Democracy  
So ol' Stupid-Hair is continuing his tantrum about the offshore windfarm, as noted yesterday. In addition to complaining to anyone who will listen, he is also threatening (his word, not mine) not to build a giant hotel and some hideously overpriced houses near his course if the project goes ahead. Apparently he thinks golf and tourism are worth more to the economy of Aberdeenshire than energy, which proves he's not really been paying much attention when he's been here. Also undermining his "I'll hold my breath until I turn blue and THEN you'll see!" strategy: announcing plans to build a second course already due to "unprecedented demand". Seems those ugly wind turbines don't seem to bother the golfers at least. Maybe they have realised that having electricity after we run out of oil would be a good thing.

Furthermore, he is also appealing the decision to grant planning permission, and is apparently willing to go all the way to the European courts , which could take up to six years., calling the decision to allow the turbines "purely political", which is quite the claim after the pathetic bullshit around giving HIM consent to build his golf course. Apparently, Scottish Ministers deciding on appeals about planning permission are only OK if they help Trumpo.

Actually, that does seem to be a pretty common theme in Trump's comments: "Why are you listening to THEM, I'm rich! Whether it's something as simple as a public vote for Glenfiddich whiskey's Spirit of Scotland Top Scot Award going to an anti-Trump campaigner, all the way up to Barack Obama's re-election as US President, whenever things do not goes his way, The Dumbass Donald throws a public hissy-fit and wants to know why all those dirty poors get a say anyway. He has money, he gets to make the rules - or at least, make them not apply to him - right? It's hardly a unique condition - particularly in America, where gross hyprocrisy seems to be almost a prerequisite for running for Republican office - but it is still infuriating to run into it.

What can be done about it? Not much really, if I'm being honest. Hopefully the Courts will also tell Trump to piss off with this ridiculous complaints, but it's not going to make his re-asses his opinions. However, it is important to stand up to and call out this kind of entitled thinking when it does crop up, if only to remind those in power who REALLY calls the shots in a democracy.